Whitepod Eco-Luxury


Our flagship concept

Designed to combine ecology and luxury, a pod is a unique form of accommodation. A pod is a geodetic shape: a sphere composed only of triangles. The pods have a self-supporting framework which provides a solid structure whilst using a minimum of material.
Each pod is an individual room or rather a suite. Connected to the water system and heated with a pellet stove, the pods have all the comfort of a traditional hotel.
Whitepod offers a vast private domain with lots of outdoor activities for big and small.

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Whitepod Eco-Luxury

Our proof-of-concept: ecology and luxury can coexist to create a positive impact on guests and a low impact on nature.

Ch. des Amoyeux 36, 1871 Les Giettes, Switzerland


Located in Les Giettes, Valais
1h from Lausanne
1h30 from Geneva International Airport

Types of accommodation


The cosy pod is ideal for couples, families with children or just for just two single beds. Discover the mountain from the warmth of your very own pod. Sit back, relax and enjoy the incredible view


Ideally located, extra comfort, the Deluxe pods are ideal for long stays. Discover the Deluxe pods that will make your stay even more memorable.


A family pod is similar to a standard pod with the possibility to accommodate 2 children on the mezzanine. Family pods may also suit couples who only use the main space.

The Suites

Mythical universe, futuristic atmosphere, this pod will be the ultimate escape suite. Discover our new Pod Timeless Suite in collaboration with Audemars Piguet and live in rhythm with nature in an exceptional environment.

Nature in and out. Perched in your hammock or lying down in your cosy nest, nature offers itself to you, surrounded by a birch forest.

For those who want to reconcile pod and chalet, discover a typically Swiss atmosphere.

A Japanese atmosphere, an elegant design for the most relaxing hideaway of the Swiss Alps, designed by Montalba Architects.

A private domain

Whitepod offers a unique setting in a preserved environment. The hotel hosts a central chalet “The Pod-house” with wellness facilities, a restaurant open all year round, a meeting pod for groups events and and 25 km of hiking trails all around the domain.


18 pods, up to 60 people as guests
A giant pod of group events or conférences
A restaurant, 80 seats
A central chalet with a bar and spa facilities
A vast 20’000 sqm private domain


Created in 2008, Whitepod has continuously evolved over the years, reinventing itself and perfecting guest experience over the last 10 years. From 4 pods without bathrooms or very little comfort, Whitepod has now achieved the same comfort level as a 5-star hotel.

Initially open only during the winter, the opening of the summer season has been proved to be a massive success since 2012.