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Our unique hotel concepts are all based on adventure, guest experience and nature preservation. Some concepts already exist, some are being set up and others are being researched.

We try to take our hotels to off-grid locations, far from the crowded space and hyped destinations. We aim to create an eco-system for each hotel concept to boost, not only the local economy, but also social equality, culture and ecological conservation.

Existing concepts

Whitepod Eco-Luxury

Our proof-of-concept: ecology and luxury can coexist to create a positive impact on guests and a low impact on nature.

Swiss Cabins

20 minimalist, low impact chalets. 100% Swiss built. 100% energy sufficient. Discover the future of Alpine chalets.


An exceptional industrial venue for your private or coprorate events in the heart of Vevey.

Brasserie de Paudex

Completely renovated restaurant open since July 5th !

Restaurant les cerniers

A warm place, an authentic cuisine and a smiling team! In the heart of the Whitepod Eco-Luxury Hotel

Opening soon

Maison Monsieur

Opening in 2022 | Renovation of a buildings surrounded by nature along the Doubs river. Our aim, through the renovations, is to revive this iconic place in the region in partnership with local actors.

On the way

Opening in 2023 | A personalized road trip experience combined with the luxury of your own eco-cabin in the woods.


Opening in 2022 | When hospitality complements agriculture. An upper scale version of agri-turismo with a Swiss twist.

Secret Hotels

Opening in 2021 | 8 hidden hotels! Using a mobile app, guests follow an adventurous scenario to obtain the location of their hotel.

Future projects

Swiss Nordix

A modern version of the Nordic Stuga. Individual cabins nestled in the heart of a preserved the forest.

Rocks on rocks

Individual rooms are camouflaged into rocks to blend into the mountain environment.


The legendary American trailer transformed in individual modern hotel rooms, each docked onto a private platform.